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Guitarhero Dougall was born in Second Life on April 15, 2005.
He spent the first 6 months of his SL building, learning how to script, and was building out entire sims for hire.
Once DJing via live streaming media became commonplace, a friend introduced him to how to do live performances in SL.
Guitarhero has never looked back since. He finished up his build obligations and commenced to live streaming regularly with passion.
He has experienced and endured the, sometimes not so pleasant, never ending changes and growth along with Second Life along the way.
After taking a few years away from Second Life due to real life obligations and circumstances, he is back with a vengeance!

Guitarhero has also been steadily upgrading his equipment to achieve a wide variety of audio capabilities.
He has also been acquiring new instruments with which to perform, ranging from guitars to synthesizers to studio equipment.
That's not all! He has also upgraded his education, recently graduating with honors from Full Sail University!
He obtained a Bachelors Degree Of Applied Science In Audio Production and a 3rd level Avid Pro Tools Users Certificate.

You can always find Guitarhero performing around the Second Life grid.
He has been known to not only play seeral shows per day, but also to perform several hours at a time!
The man knows no bounds when it comes to doing a live show. Be sure to ask him or a host for his songlist.
He currently has over 160 different songs in his repertoire to choose from, and he loves taking requests!

His shows are always an exceptional experience with various lighting and pyrotechnics always on the ready.
Between the psychadelic soundscapes you will hear, to the mind blowing visuals, and the friendly warmth he extends
to each and every fan and audience participant, you will be sure to want to catch his next show!